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People are sometimes like MONKEYS!  That’s RIGHT!  Sometimes people act with other people the way Monkeys act among themselves!  What do I mean by that, and how does recognizing this fact help you in your business, or help you realize your dreams!  Stick around, and let me connect the dots for you!  You’ll get the picture!

Some people without dreams of their own hate to see others pursuing theirs.  It makes them feel inadequate or insecure. Others believe they’re being helpful to you by keeping you from risk or from getting hurt.  I’m sure you recognize that this is true!  But what does this have to do with people being like MONKEYS?

Two Business Professors wrote about an experiment conducted with a group of monkeys. Four monkeys were placed in a room that had a tall pole in the center of the room, and suspended from the top of that pole was a bunch of bananas. You can imagine that the monkeys wasted no time in climbing up that pole to get what they wanted … the bananas! But just as they reached out to grab a banana, they were doused with a torrent of cold water. Squealing, they scampered back down the pole. 

Each monkey made the attempt to get what it wanted .. to grab a banana, and each one was drenched with cold water.  After trying a number of times, they all finally gave up.
Then researchers removed one of the monkeys from the room and replaced it with a new monkey. As the newcomer began to climb the pole, the other monkeys grabbed it and pulled it down to the ground. After trying to climb the pole several times and being dragged down by the others,  the new monkey finally gave up too, and never attempted to climb the pole again.

The researchers replaced all the original monkeys, with new ones - one by one, and each time a new monkey was brought in, it would make a beeline for the bananas, but would be dragged down by the others before it could reach the bananas.  In time, only monkeys who had never experienced the water were in the room.   They would prevent one another from climbing the pole, but none of them knew why!

Perhaps others have dragged YOU down in life. They’ve discouraged you from dreaming … from going after what you REALLY want!  Maybe they resented the fact that you wanted to improve the quality of your life or to do something significant. Or maybe THEY have experienced pain, disappointment, rejection and failure in THEIR life, and they are just trying to protect you from experiencing the same fate.  On the other hand, sometimes people stop you from pursuing your dream … and they don’t even know WHY!  It just seems like the thing to do! 

All of them are DREAM STEALERS … either purposely or unwittingly.  Yes, some- times people are like MONKEYS when it comes to pulling people down from moving up to get what they WANT in life and going after their dreams! So -  what are YOU going to do? This is YOUR life!  So go ahead! Explore the possibilities! Believe in yourself, and dare to embrace new opportunities! It’s never too late to dream and achieve!

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